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135 is a personal finance management system online that helps you do things like set reminders to pay bills, keep records of money you’ve lent out, and manage personal financial goals.

It’s free to sign up and use the site, all of which is very easy.

Ever have a friend tell you something like, “You really should get your finances together.”

It’s said out of genuine friendship and concern so you start looking into what to do, and one thing you could do is try billbaba, a free web services that offers various tools to help you do just that.

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Once you set up an account, you’ll be able to start using the various features of the billbaba site. The first thing I did was to set up various different payments I have to make out every month as reminders. These reminders will be sent to me as often as I want in email, SMS text messages on my phone, and even on my Facebook messenger, if I want.

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In addition to the reminders, billbaba also helps to keep track of financial goals overall and your progress towards each of them. It will keep track of payments you make and over time will show a graph of your spending to help you gauge how efficient you are with your finances overall.

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One of the nicer things about billbaba is that it doesn’t take any actual bill information from you, or any credit card info or anything like that, so you don’t have to worry about the security of your financial data in that way. When you set a bill pay reminder, for example, it takes whatever name you want to put on it and the date you want reminders for, but that’s pretty much it. It doesn’t take any information that could really harm you if it was somehow lost so the whole question of security becomes much less important.

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The other feature I can see myself using in the long term on bilibaba is the goal progress tracking features. If I want to save a certain amount of money for the purchase of a new computer, for example, I can track my progress toward that goal over time and see it visually. This has the advantage of being a good way to stay focused on a goal, as well as being helpful to get it done on time.

There’s no lack of free websites or programs out there that will give you financial advice or tools, but bilibaba has one of the cleanest and simplest interfaces I have seen among them, and I would recommend it on that basis alone. billbaba is loaded with things like calendars, spending analysis graphs, and other tools that help you to manage your finances. It does this all at no cost to you, other than the payment of your regular internet access bill. The good news is that you can use bilibaba to schedule reminders to pay your ISP bill every month. Until next time, my friends.

Check out the billbaba web site here.