Transfer Files Between Two iOS Devices Wirelessly With Mover+


If you’ve ever needed to transfer files from one iOS device to another, then we’ve got good news for you. Whether you want to transfer some files to a friend or whether you’re switching from one iOS device to another, Mover+ is a free app that will let you do so without the use of a computer or syncing with iTunes.

Mover+ is a free application that allows iOS device users to transfer data wirelessly among devices. Users can use Mover+ to send and receive photos, videos, contacts, bookmarks, text clippings and more from other iPhones or iPods, on-the-fly.

The process is simple and straightforward, and although it will require a shared WIFI connection that both devices can connect to, it will not require connecting to a computer or syncing with iTunes, etc.

Mover 1

Mover+ utilizes the powers of both WiFi and Bluetooth to make the transfers. If both of the iPhones and iPods are connected to the same WiFi, Mover+ will use the WiFi network to transfer the items between the two iOS devices. However, if both devices are not present on the same WiFi network, you need not worry. In such a case, Mover+ uses Bluetooth feature to transfer items from one iPhone to another. However, transfers using Bluetooth might be a slow compared to wifi.

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As the whole process is so simple and easy, this is one such application that should be present on your iPhones if you have more than one in your house. Using the application is easy. Just navigate to the iTunes App Store and install the Mover+ application on your iPhone, iPod or iOS devices. You need to download the application on both the iPhone, iPod or iOS devices being used.

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Once you have installed the application, just add the items you wish to send via Mover+ and send them by sliding objects upwards and sending them to the other iOS device.

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The Verdict

Mover+ is a really handy application that allows users to transfer files without any trouble whatsoever. We installed the application on an iPhone and iPad and transferred the some images and contacts via WIFI. The files are stored in their specific folders i-e images in camera roll etc. If you ask me, this application is definitely worth a try especially if you need a quick and easy way to transfer photos. And although iCloud or any other cloud storage can be a good way to do it, transferring via cloud services requires users to first login to the service, upload the file on one device and then download it on the other. But with Mover+, all you have to do is launch the application on both devices and just transfer the file right then and there, for instant gratification.

Feel free to share your views if you tried the application.

Download Mover+ (iPhone, iPod, iPad).