Transfer your files across many online services, with ‘Pipe’


We all use online services to all sorts of files. Sites like Facebook and Flickr for images and sites like SkyDrive and DropBox for all types of  files, and so on.

Sometimes, however, you might need to transfer files between these services; for example, to transfer a document from your SkyDrive account to your Box account, or perhaps you want to create a backup for videos on Facebook in your DropBox account.

To do this you would normally have to download the file to your computer and then upload the file to your destination online service.

However this can be made much easier by using a free service called Pipe, which will do it directly.


How to Use Pipe

Pipe is an excellent web service that is absolutely free to use. The service creates a ‘pipe’ between your virtual services and lets you transfer files from one online account to another without having to download anything. You start by creating an account on Pipe and linking accounts to services such as Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, PhotoBucket, MySpace, SkyDrive and more. To transfer media, you first select the account you will be getting the files from. Files on that account are displayed for you, and you then need to determine the specific the folders and files which you want to transfer.


Next you need to select a destination account for your files. Supported destination accounts are more numerous than the supported source accounts, and include DropBox, Evernote, Box, SugarSync, and many more. Simply link and select your destination account.


A confirmation message is shown to give you to remind you of what files are going to be transferred; this summary includes the source and destination accounts. When applicable, it will also shown how much available space in destination account.

In Conclusion:

Pipe is a user-friendly web service that is convenient and can save you a lot of time when it comes to transferring files between different online services. The process is simple and does the job with few simple clicks. If you decide to give Pipe a try, please share your views using the comments section below.

Check out Pipe.