Tubalr streamlines YouTube for a pure music video experience


YouTube is a great source for finding music videos. If I hear a song on the radio and want to check the lyrics or hear it again, I’m more likely to head straight to YouTube than trying to Google it since so many lyric sites are questionable.

Music videos can also be fun or give context to the lyrics. Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t work so well for an uninterrupted music streaming experience and the site can also have a bunch of clutter that just gets in the way. I won’t even get started on MTV…

Fortunately, there’s Tubalr. It provides a sleek interface to playing music videos on YouTube. You can search by an artist or band and choose to have only results from that band or to have similar bands included in the automatically made playlist.

I have found the similarity between bands to be pretty good. It was a great experience of finding new artists that I might like. I thought it was actually better than Pandora, which seems like it sometimes streams pretty drastically to try to broaden the pool, but usually for the worse.

My wishlist features would include the ability to filter the search results so only official music videos are included. A lot of videos are either just videos of the lyrics, a picture of the band, or an album cover.

If you create an account, you can make your own playlists and keep track of music videos you like to include or ban the songs you don’t want to hear again. Of course, since it’s here on Freewaregenius, the whole service is free. You can also use it without registering and it’s still a great experience.

Some other wishlist features are already planned future development according to the site blog:

  • Mobile Apps (iOS, Android)
  • Edit options for playlists (deleting, renaming, sorting)
  • Keyboard navigation
  • When searching for similar artists, mix in some of the original artist searched

Check it out at www.tubalr.com