Turn the images on your website into an interactive experience, with Taggstar


Taggstar is one of those great ideas that comes along every now and then, that is so simple and powerful that you wonder why no one else has come up with it before.

Imagine taking the images on your web site (whether it’s a blog or other type of site, as long as there are images on it) and turning them into an interactive platform that adds depth and participation to your site overall. With a single click, viewers of your site can get information, share opinions and even find purchase options for nearly anything in the image! I decided to take a look and see exactly what Taggstar is all about and how it works.

The first thing you have to do is install Taggstar on your site. Support for automatic installation is provided for many of the most popular blogging platfors, and detailed manual installation instructions are on offer for nearly any other kind of site you can think of. You’ll need some basic knowledge of how to use your own site and tools to accomplish this (like how to use WordPress widgets, for example) but it’s pretty simple to learn even if you lack that knowledge to begin with.


While it doesn’t work with the photo albums on personal Facebook pages, it does work with images on a Facebook business page. Once installed to your page, you’ll then be able to start setting up hotspots or ‘tagging’ your images so people can click individual spots on them to interact. Interactions can include things like sharing the image with others, of course, but also things like finding videos online regarding the hotspot subject or even finding places to buy specific items. You can add video, music, pictures, text, maps and nearly anything else you can think of to your images by using Taggstar.


So, an example could work like this: You have a picture of some friends at a party on your blog site. You set up Taggstar and install it to your site. Someone comes along and sees the photograph and notices that one of your friends in the picture is wearing a pair of really cool looking boots. They click the boots in the picture and away they are taken to automatically find web page information on those particular boots as well as possibly videos about them on YouTube or other popular sites. They will even be offered an option or two about where to buy those boots and Taggstar has a nifty feature wherein you can actually set it up to be able to make small amounts of money if sales happen because of your tagged pictures.


It would take pages and pages to go into every single feature of Taggstar and what it can do for you and your site, so you’ll want to check it out at their home page for more info, but the bottom line is this: Making your images interactive increases participation and therefore increases traffic on your site. That’s a good thing because, after all, we wouldn’t have the site up if we didn’t want people to look at it, would we? So if you have a web site that has even just a few images or plans to add more images, Taggstar could be the right fit for you and since it costs you absolutely nothing to use, it falls into my personal column of “absolute winners” for free web services. Give it a try, and you could be very pleasantly surprised at how much it increases the traffic on your site and it’s quite possible that in the very near future most sites will have something like Taggstar so get with the future before it’s the present. Until next time, my friends!

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