TV Show Renamer: rename downloaded media quickly and intelligently


TV Show Renamer is a free program that provides quick, intelligent renaming of TV series and movies/media downloaded from the internet and/or torrents.

The programs looks for naming conventions that are typically used in downloadable media, and will give the user a measure of control over what they want and do not want.

For example, it will by default remove dots, dashes and underscore, introduce “proper” capitalization, remove year labels, and remove what it terms “extra crap” from the file names. However, if you are interested in, say, keeping underscores or any of the other elements all you have to do is uncheck them from the options.

If the “extra crap” function doesn’t rid your filenames from all unwanted elements in the filename, the program will let you add your own custom “junk words” to a list that it can then use in its operations.

What’s interesting about this program, aside from the original concept behind it, is that it works really well. Having said that, I will also say that the program is still in beta and the functionality can and should be greatly enhanced.

Some notes on this program:

  • “Undo” option: once you proceed with the renaming you can undo the results if you don’t like them. Strangely, there is no “preview” function; the program will actually rename the files and then rename them back again if you decide to undo.
  • Move to/Copy to: you can designate a folder and move the files or copy them to that folder once you’re done renaming.
  • Text converter: will let you define sets of words to always replace. For example , to always replace “DVDRip” to, I don’t know … “DVD quality” or whatever.
  • Add junk words: these will be detected and removed. Note that it will match case; for example you will have to add “LiMiTED” rather than “limited” if that’s the way it looks.
  • Add title: seems like it would add a description to the title, or something, but didn’t work for me. If you know what it does please let me know.


Wish list (or how this program can be even better)

  • TV Show Renamer Conversion optionsAllowing to uncheck “remove year” from the conversion options . Although it looks like it was designed to allow for this (see screenshot to the right), it let me uncheck everything except the year removal when I tested it. (Which was actually the only one I was interested in keeping)
  • “Preview” option, in addition to “undo”.

The verdict: a simple yet potentially very useful concept. And works really well at what it does.

This is the kind of program that some people will get extremely excited about, while others will be uncertain why anyone might need this.

If you belong to the former group, you will probably (a) be extremely happy to have found this and, (b) will find it extremely useful.

Version Tested: 2.1 Beta

Compatibility: WinAll; works on 32bit and 64bit OS’s.

Go to the program home page to download the latest version (approx 685K).