Two art games by Jason Nelson: Scrape Scraperteeth and Six Sided Strange


Some think computer games are an art form; while others use them as a medium; that, at least, is what Jason Nelson does with his “net-artworks/art-games” such as Six Sided Strange (a hyper-interactive twist on the well known Rubkick’s cube) and Scrape Scraperteeth (an art/poetry-game commissioned by the San Francisco Gallery of Modern Art).

As with his other creations previously featured on Freewaregenius (“Game, game, game and again game”, and “I made this. You play this. We are enemies”), both of these game/artworks combine audiovisual elements, gaming concepts, as well as text into a playable exploration designed to provide an interactive user experience, without any obvious rules or objectives. In these ‘games’, as in life, you don’t really know what the point is, and make it up as you go along ;).


Scrape Screaperteeth Screenshot1Six Sided Strange screenshot

More Scrape Screaperteeth Screenshots: for your viewing pleasure

Scrape Screaperteeth Screenshot2Scrape Screaperteeth Screenshot3

I really like these, which is why I keep posting them on this blog. My one criticism, however, is that they tend to be high on visual stimulation; and while I can well enjoy a high dose of on-screen ‘busy-ness’ (if you will), it does tend to be overkill, at times, and threatens to overwhelm any other facets, concepts, or messages that might be hidden within.

Want more? Visit Jason Nelson’s digital poetry interfaces page.