Two free programs to secure and lock your computer


Security is always a concern with modern computer systems. The days of punch card security are gone and that means we need more and more security solutions in the form of software.

This post will present two great tools to secure or lock your computer up tight, both for free: KeyboardLock which can lock your keyboard quickly and easily, and Smart PC Locker which can completely lock your computer down while you’re away, including the task manager, USB connections, etc.KeyboardLock: lock your keyboard quickly and easily

First of all, there’s KeyboardLock. Yup, it’s a locking program for your keyboard. It sounds as simple as it works and it’s meant for those times when you might want to get back to the keyboard quickly but for the moment you need to make sure no keys are pressed. This is useful when you’re cleaning the keyboard or for those (even more frequent) moments when your cat has decided he is going to help you work the magic box by mashing all of his paws on the keyboard at once. Babies can be a culprit of this same behavior but they, at least, have the defense of being able to learn from their mistakes eventually. Note that you will need Microsoft NET Framework to use the KeyboardLock but I have never personally had an issue with that. It also wants to install some junkware and reset your homepage, but those are easily sidestepped if you pay attention during the install. This program has an advantage over using the CTRL+ALT+DEL, ENTER locking process because all it locks is the keyboard and mouse input and does it regardless of what else is going on, as soon as you type the keyword or code, even if you’re in the middle of a document.

Lock Your Computer Screen Shot 00001 Lock Your Computer Screen Shot 00002


Smart PC Locker: completely lock your system while you are away

Lock Your Computer Screen Shot 00007 Lock Your Computer Screen Shot 00006

The other locking program I wanted to talk about is called Smart PC Locker and it comes in both an installable version and a portable .zip file for your mobile system toolbox (what? you don’t have one! look for our post on the subject, coming soon!). Both versions will lock your PC tight so you can walk away knowing it is secure. It locks down all task manager activity as well as external optical drives and USB connections so no one will be able to insert a thumb drive with some autorun.inf file on a removable media source. While this program may not turn your computer into Fort Knox, by any stretch, it is adequate for the average person to lock their system from casual invaders that are in the room. We all seem to be constantly on the lookout for hackers and system connection invasions but we rarely seems to worry quite so much about security of our computers when someone is actually physically in the same room with them. Smart PC Locker will let you take that possibility into consideration and be prepared for it. Whether you’re having a party and worried about the neighbors finding out what you really make per year or you’re trying to make sure your roommates don’t find out the truth about your girl friend in Niagara Falls, Smart PC Locker will help you keep your system and the information you keep there locked up safe. It even has a stealth mode, though I suggest you read the manual before using it.

Until next time, my friends.

  • Get KeyboardLock here
  • Get Smart PC Locker here