Two FREE tools to grab images in batch from any website: OWIDIG and ‘Image Collector Extension’ for Chrome


Ever wanted to download multiple images images from a page all at once? There are a number of good utilities out there for this purpose,

and this post will present two of them:(1) OWIDIG (Online Webpage Image Downloader and Image Grabber) is a free online service that will process any URL that you throw at it, and (2) Image Collector Extensionis an extension for Chrome that can automatically save the pictures that you choose en masse to your Dropbox or Google Drive.

Download in batch illustration


Owidig Screenshot1
At the top of the page you will find a search bar where you’ll enter the web address of whatever site you want to grab images from. To the left and right of the blank space below are the advanced features and download options menus. These are where you’ll tailor the searches and results to your specific desires or needs with options like limiting the pixel size of images that are included in the results.

Owidig Screen 2Owidig Screen 5

While using the site to search images is easy, grabbing them is even easier. With a single click in the Downloads Options menu, you’ll get all the results included in your search and you will be able to specify the filename as well. There is also an option at the top of the screen to discard repeated images (logos and other screen art, rather than images that contain useful data and scenes) as well as an option to do a deeper form of scanning, with can include multiple sub-levels of directories. There’s even an experimental feature to grab images that are the result of java script running on the page. Owidig Screen 4

Also, if Facebook album downloads are what you are after, there is a special OWIDIG tool that will download the contents of entire Facebook albums. Basically, where image grabbing online is concerned, OWIDIG has you covered from every angle.

I found OWIDIG to be a great example of a free service on the web. It’s useful, easy, and self-explanatory while the ads on the site are minimal and non-invasive. So, go check it out and grab all those images at one time. It sure beats grabbing them one by one.

2. Image Collector Extension for Chrome

Image Collector Extension Screenshot1
An extension that lives in the Chrome address bar (see screenshot), Image Collector Extension  and will list all images on the page, let you ‘x’ out the ones you do not want, and then download the rest in batch to your Dropbox or Google Drive account.

Curiously, things get a bit complicated if you simply want to download to your hard drive, requiring that you run a script that Image Collector Extension provides, which is more complicated than I was prepared for. My advice: stick to the Dropbox upload option.

Like Owidig, Image Collector Extension provides some filtering options (see screenshot below).

Image Collector Extension Screenshot2

In summary:

Owidig is a powerful image downloading service. It works everywhere and in any browser, and all it needs is a URL. Image Collector Extension for Chrome has a lot of appeal given that it is integrated into the browser, but requires Chrome and a Dropbox account to work (and sometimes does not appear on certain webpages for some reason). My advice: there’s room for both in your collection.