Two more AWESOME free Android Games (part 5)


Another in our series of recommended free Android games (which come in doubles because in this case more is more). This time around: Extreme Skater, an action packed, ad-supported side-scrolling skating simulation, and Flying Bob, totally free rope swinging make it to the end of the level type puzzle game.

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1. Extreme Skater: extreme fun

A game that is controlled by tilting the phone directionally and features ads in the playing area, two things that would normally have me gloss over a game, but there’s no denying it: Extreme Skater is a highly polished, extremely addicting game that is easy to pick up and play by everyone of all age groups.

Extreme Skater Screenshot1

This game is very similar to iSkater2 which you may be familiar with, and which is also a terrific game in it’s own right. You have to navigate increasingly challenging and treacherous levels on your skateboard (or something that looks like a skateboard with 4 wheels), all the while avoiding spikes and other deadly objects, doing tricks and flips, and utilizing ropes, ramps and other objects to get to the end.

Extreme Skater Screenshot2

Three achievements are presented at the beginning of each level, that the player can try to perform, and that usually involve taking a route that is different from the standard one that presents itself. You are immediately rewarded with a period of invincibility once you accomplish any of these.

There’s a very nice camera zoom in/out effect that kicks in depending on the particular ‘scene’ that you are navigating, which adds to the sense of overall professionalism and polish that this game has aplenty. It is so action packed that you will not even notice the ads, which are sometimes displayed. Money ‘earned’ in-game or bought with real world money can be spent on learning new tricks, or customizing your rider and skateboard, and such.

2. Flying Bob: a great 2D physics based puzzle game

This FREE, ad-free game will not be entirely unfamiliar to mobile gamers: a puzzle game where you have to get your character from the beginning to the end of a level by swinging on a rope which you can hook onto objects in a 2D, true-physics world. Only a few minutes with this game and  enough to get a sense that this is a solid, well put together game that you will come back to over and over again.

Not much more to say that cannot be seen in the video above. There are different objects to interact with: walls, wheels of different sizes, an electrical socket that tries to pull you close every time you get near it, etc, but not too many elements so as to overwhelm.

Flying Bob Screenshot1

My only criticism is that sometimes the levels can be a bit sparse, leaving your character little choice than to clumsily clutch at the bare wall. But if you want a solid, well made totally FREE game, you should definitely check this one out.

Do you know of other free games that have a high wow factor? Let me know in the comments section below.