uBrowser is an open source, multiplatform experimental browser that renders web pages into 3D geometrical objects.

It was designed primarily to integrate web content into a 3D virtual world called Second Life.

If you like this site then you’l love Freewaregenius rendered into a 3D cube (see screenshot) ;). Ubrowser is capable of opening almost any web page and wrapping it into a cube, a ball, or a wavy flag.

It can then be manipulated much like any 3D object (spun around, zoomed in and out, etc.)

Beyond the novelty there’s not much practical use for this one; I’m posting it here for the sheer coolness factor!

More ubrowser screenshots

Version tested: 2006_11_06

Compatibility: Windows (requirements not clearly stated).

Go to the download page to o get the latest version. The program home page.