Undelete Plus


Undelete Plus is an award winning free program that can recover deleted files after they have been deleted. It can also wipe files that remain on your hard drive so they cannot be recovered.

You are looking for a file all over your hard drive, when it suddenly dawns on you that you had accidentally deleted the last version of it. What to do now?

Enter Undelete Plus, a small utility that will scan your hard drive for all files that can be undeleted and attempt to salvage the file for you.

Sounds like magic? It isn’t. You might not know it, but when you tell Windows to erase a file, Windows essentially does something like say “okay, I am now going to consider this file null and void, and will allow other data writing operations to use the space that it occupies”.

In other words, no actual ‘erasing’ of the file occurs until Windows has a need to write over the hard drive space that the file resides on. Undelete Plus and programs like it do a thorough scan for files that are ‘still there’ on the hard drive and/or files that have enough data remaining that they can be salvaged.

Needless to say the sooner you attempt to recover the file the better your chances; also, smaller size files have a higher chance of being salvaged, and disks that have not been defragmented are better candidates for file recovery.

More features:

  • Undelete Plus will recover deleted files from hard drives (FAT12/16/32,NTFS/NTFS5), floppy disks, CompactFlash, SmartMedia, MultiMedia and Secure Digital cards.
  • It will also recover deleted files from network drives.
  • After scanning your hard drive, Undelete Plus will create file-type icons on the left margin that allow you to easily filter by file type
  • Undelete Plus will also allow filtering by size, date modified, and parts of the file name
  • You can use Undelete Plus to securely WIPE files so that the are removed for good from your hard drive.

Undelete Plus is freeware at its best; small, useful, practical, and powerful.

Version tested:  2.2

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