Unification Wars


Unification Wars is a 100% free space-themed MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) with over 700,000 members.

I haven’t actually played it, hence I have no rating for it, but I’ve been doing some research on it and apparently its pretty addictive, so I thought I would post it here anyway.

When you first start out you’re in put charge of a small number of planets, and your objective is to dominate the galaxy (naturally).

To do so you have to manage your military, economy, diplomacy, etc. — hey if George W. can do it then you can certainly do it.

I’ve not actually played any MMOG’s myself; I often find myself tempted but shy away because of the hours and commitment needed. The last game I really got into, Civilization IV, consumed many a sleepless night and I cannot afford that at this point.

If you’ve played this game and have an opinion on it I’d appreciate the feedback.

Click here to play Unification Wars.
The official home page.