Uninstall programs completely and monitor installations with Comodo Programs Manager


This is an impressive uninstaller program that will scan for leftover files after program uninstallations to make sure nothing is left behind. It will also monitor your system for program installs and take note of all changes done to your system, so that it can easily roll them back completely.

This happens all the time, in the background, and does not require any user intervention.

But Comodo Programs Manager can do more: it can uninstall both programs and system drivers, and it allows you to redo the uninstall later on (i.e. actually reinstalling the program or driver in case you change your mind and want them back later on).

For monitored installations it can actually create installable packages that let you reinstall the application at a later date with all your customized settings.

Comodo Programs Manager Screenshot2Comodo Programs Manager screenshot1

This program can do many different things; here are some notable functions:

  • Monitors setups: and records all modifications made to the system, Freewaregenius 5-Star Pickallowing for a full reversal on demand of all changes.
  • Cleans up: uninstalls programs and scans and removes leftover files and registry entries (even for installs that were not monitored).
  • Multiple simultaneous uninstalls: can uninstall multiple programs simultaneously (using CTRL or SHIFT+select)
  • Missing uninstallers: Uninstalls programs that have corrupt uninstallers or no uninstallers
  • Undo an uninstall: allows the user to undo an uninstall (in most cases). Which is to say, change his/her mind and restore the uninstalled program. For monitored installs, it can create an installable package to reinstall the application at a later date while preserving all customized settings
  • Uninstalls system drivers: but does not support undoing driver uninstallation.
  • Queries Windows updates: will list all Windows updates as well as any missing updates that are not implemented on your system.

The verdict: I love this program. After spending some time with it it became quickly apparent just how powerful and useful it can be, and how well put together this software is.

The main thing I like about Comodo Programs Manager is that installation monitoring is so seamless and invisible; you never have to worry about it or remember to turn it on or off. For someone who installs and uninstalls so many programs on a daily basis, this is a very sweet feature indeed.

The other big point for me is the fact that you can UNDO uninstalls. This feature seems like it would be great for troubleshooting purposes;  for example, uninstalling programs or drivers to see if they contribute towards a problem or issue you are having with your computer, and then simply rolling them back if you find that they are unrelated to the problem at hand.

I didn’t expect that a better uninstaller than previously mentioned Revo might come about, but Comodo Programs Manager just might be that program.

Version Tested:

Compatibility: Windows XP or later.

Go to the program home page to download the latest version (approx 10.7megs).