Unstoppable Copier


Unstoppable copier will copy files/folders from disks that have physical damage and attempt to repair these. It will ignore error messages generated in the copying process and attempt to restructure the file using every readable part.

Here are some notes on this program:

  • Will read files from damaged disks: in many cases it will create a good copy. There are many reasons why this is possible (a) Unstoppable Copier will attempt to fill in any missing part based on a ’best guess’ after considering all the parts that were actually readible, (b) it is possible that the file might work just fine even if the unreadable parts were not reconstituted 100% correctly (the missing info might have been that part of the mp3 that is inaudible to the human ear, or a part of the image that we cannot see anyway). Or you may notice the damage in, say, your salvaged video but at least its useable and can be watched past the damaged point.
  • Note that Unstoppable copier has a slider that enables you to control whether you want the fastest copying speed or the best data recovery. If the media is particularly badly damaged you might want to use “best data recovery”, but the copying process might take a very long time as a consequence. One nice feature is that Unstoppable Copier will allow you to pause and resume the data recovery process mid-way-through. It will also generate a log of errors for those of us who are inclined to look into these.
  • Hassle-free copying (i.e. without dialogs, notifications, or interruptions). After recently helping a friend set-up his new computer, we wanted to copy his 20 gigs worth of backed-up data from an external hard drive to his new system. What we found was that once we got through all of the Windows dialogs (are you sure you want to copy?, are you sure you want to replace?), his new up-to-date antivirus software would keep interrupting the copy process as it found and caught all sorts of malware that was in his files. We then resorted to Unstoppable Copier to do the copying; after which the antivirus would intercept and heal the bad files but the entire copying process would not be ground to a halt.
  • Copying-over in-use system DLLs: use Unstoppable Copier to get around Windows’ objections. If you don’t know what this means you can ignore this point (you probably will never need to worry about it).

This great no-install program is lightweight, free, and does a great job; I highly recommend it.

Version tested: 2.28

Compatibility: WinAll, Linux.

Go to the program page to get the latest version (approx 63K).