Updates week12, 09: Mikogo, TaggedFrog, Mp3splt-gtk, LiberTV


AN issue I struggle with is how to write-up new updates and developments that occur after my review of a program is published.

I have therefore decided to do what some other blogs do and start publishing a “weekly software update” post, of which this is the first one. Noteworthy this week

  • Mikogo: screen and file sharing, remote computer access
  • TaggedFrog: tag local files and folders
  • Mp3splt-gtk: splits large audio files
  • LiberTV: video sharing/P2P client
See below for a discussion of each program.

Mikogo Screenshot Mp3splt-gtk Screenshot LiberTV Screenshot TaggedFrog Screenshot

Mikogo ScreenshotMikogo: this free screen sharing/remote computer access keeps getting better and better. Since my review they have made significant improvements on performance (smoother, faster screen sharing), added a video recording and playback feature, added the option for integration with Skype, and more recently allowed for cross-platform screen sharing with the release of their Mac client.

Although I have reviewed a number of similar programs on Freewaregenius, I will admit that this is the program that I usually use and recommend to people because it is so easy to use, and because it works so damn well and reliably. (The version as of this writing:

TaggedFrog Screenshot TaggedFrog: a free utility that allows you to tag any file or folder on your desktop.

Since my review of this program. the author has added a what is in my opinion a crucial feature that makes this software infinitely more useable: the ability to tag files/folders from within Windows explorer by right clicking on them (Thank you thank you).

Aside from context integration, the new version also features “scan and tag”, which will scan a path and apply tags based on user-defined rules, as well as “auto tagging”, which I am somewhat unsure of but I think automatically scans for files added to a certain folder and applies tags to them based on rules. The newer version also fixes some minor issues and bugs. There’s also a portable version added.

Note: to upgrade make sure to uninstall any previous version first. (The version as of this writing: 0.8.1 beta)

MP3Splt-gtk Screenshot Mp3splt-gtk: a free tool to split large MP3/OGG files without re-encoding. Supports some nifty functions such as autodetecting silences, using a a local CDDB or CUE file, and downloading album and track length info from freedb.org. Since my review the newest version now supports ID3v2 (as well as ID3v1), and a couple of items that were on my wish list, including autodetection of silences without splitting (to allow for user audits and modification before the split), and an experimental function whereby it visually represents the MP3 file as a wave such a you would see in a sound editor. (The version as of this writing: 0.5.4)

LiberTV ScreenshotLiberTV: is a free video sharing/peer-yo-peer client similar to Miro with a focus on hi-quality/HD videos.

I posted this program a very long time ago and since then heard reports that it had died; it’s web page was no longer accessible, you couldn’t download it anywhere, and I assumed the network was probably gone as well. I had in fact considered deleting the post.

However, a user recently left a comment in the in the past weeks to indicate that, in fact “LiberTV is not dead… it’s always had a small side audience, and those that use it enjoy it. LiberTV offers good quality and download speeds” (Thanks Anon). (The version as of this writing: 1.4)

Help me: you will no doubt have seen many a program in these pages that has been updated well beyond my descriptions of them; please let me know about them. If you’d like to send me an emailto let me know what the new functions/fixes are that would be great too 😉