Upload and share large files for free with SkyFile


SkyFile is an absolutely awesome web site that will let you have your own file bank in the cloud for free. It is a ‘file locker’ service for downloading and sharing large files, and not a desktop syncing solution like Dropbox. The free version provides 5 GB of storage for free. Skyfile’s strong-suite is it’s simplicity and ease of use, but I particularly like that it will let you continue an aborted download if you come back to it within 24 hours.

SkyFile is, without a doubt, one of the better sites of its kind I have visited lately. While there are a number of different alternatives available for this kind of thing, SkyFile stands out as being one of the fastest and easiest I have seen and used. In a world where everyone is trying to make their soft-solution the fastest and easiest, SkyFile seems to have accomplished the goal admirably.

Whether it’s access to important documents or image files or application installers, there’s often a point where you need access to your files when you’re not at the computer. In recent years, this has become more and more important, even to the average user as so much of what we have and do is digital and stored somewhere on some computer at some point. So, there have been lots of sites and programs that will allow you to get access to those files when you are on the go.

The Cloud has become the place that we keep important information that we know we may need to access from a remote location, as well as a basis to sync data between platforms. SkyFile enters the scene, already dressed on a set that’s had even the rafters painted, and makes a great showing.

Skydrive Screenshot2

SkyFile’s biggest strength is in it’s simplicity (and therefore ease of use) that makes it one of the fastest ways to store or access bits and bytes from somewhere other than home. It works in a very brief process. First, go to the site. Second, login or register (the first time) and you’ll then see the main page with your files on it. If you want to add files to your account, click the big add button. It’s the only one there so don’t worry. If you want to download a file that is already there, just click the file name and you’ll be given a window that shows different links to access the file. The top one on the list is a direct download link, and can be followed to get the file as an immediate transfer to your locale. That’s it. No complex menus or options. Just upload, download, or share a link to a file. That’s the whole thing, and it’s absolutely elegant in how simple and easy it is. Even the confirmation email they send simply has ‘yo’ as the subject and contains very little besides the registration info.


They say that time is what’s forever but we can all appreciate saving time with simplicity. Over time, there will be more and more ways to access your files remotely but few will match the elegant and free method of doing so with SkyFile. One can only hope they don’t change the system or program in ways that make it worse, like charging for basic usage, etc. While there are some premium options available for a fee, they aren’t shoved in your face with SkyFile, which is nice. I would say it’s worth checking out by just about anyone. You never know what info you might want to make accessible remotely. Until next time, my friends.

Get SkyFile here.