Upload Images via copy and paste, with Snaggy


There are many services to upload images to the internet, but none are as easy and simple as Snaggy, a very web useful application that allows users to capture the screenshot by copying it to the clipboard on a PC then paste it directly to the web to upload it.

It then provides a URL that can be used to share the image.

You can use the print screen button to capture the screenshot or copy any image from a web page, and paste it into Snaggy. The web application also allows users to crop and edit the image online.

Using Snaggy

All you have to do is visit Snaggy using the link given at the end of this post, copy any image URL from any website and paste it in Snaggy. It will automatically upload the image to Snaggy and will give you the image link which can be share with anyone you want. You can even paste selections from your image editor as well.

Snaggy 1

The best thing I like about Snaggy is that it allows users to edit and crop images online as well. You can crop images, add text, draw rectangles and much more. The website even offers users to delete the original image after making modifications to it.

Snaggy 2

The complete lists of shortcuts that you can use with Snaggy can be found here.

Currently, Snaggy only supports Firefox and Google Chrome (latest versions). On other browsers, the application requires users to install Java applet to work properly.

Snaggy 3

In Conclusion

Compared with other image hosting websites available on the internet, Snaggy is definitely unique. The only reason I would rank it above other image hosting websites is the ability to use hotkeys to copy and paste the images, edit them and add text etc. using shortcut keys can be a real time saver.

If you tried Snaggy, feel free to share your views using the comments section.