Upload to IMGUR image hosting service via right click, with ImgurUploader


The next time you need to upload an image to a forum or share it on Facebook or anywhere else, remember that you can do this easily from Windows’ right click ‘Send-To’ menu, without going off to find image hosting services on Google, using open source program ‘ImgurUploader’.

Imgur, you may know, is a free, casual image hosting service that does not require registration and will let you simply upload your image and share a link anywhere or send it to anyone.

With ‘ImgurUploader’ uploading is as simple as can be: simply right click the ‘Imgur’ icon within Windows’ ‘Send-To’ menu and it will upload instantly.

ImgurUploader screenshot1

Next, pick the link that you need from a number of options (including the ‘delete’ link if you plan to delete the image at a later point) and share it anywhere you need to (see screenshot below). Note that each link gives a slightly different output, so go over them once and you’ll figure out what you need.

ImgurUploader screenshot2

The verdict: I actually sought this program out of need, because I was invovled in an interchange in a support forum where I needed to upload a lot of images, and I thought to myself ‘gosh, there’s got to be something out there that can upload images via right click’. ImgurUploader was exactly what the doctor ordered.

I also like that it is tucked away in the ‘send to’ menu and not the right click menu itself, because I prefer to keep my right click menu relatively uncluttered with only the tools I use frequently residing there.

I know that there’s been a trend of screenshot taking programs that can upload your screenshots straight to a number of hosting services, but I do not care for those. Not just because I like the screenshot program I have, or the fact that these programs are often lacking in the features that I think every serious screenshot program should have, but because I don’t always need to make screenshots to upload; sometimes the image I want to upload is on my hard drive. Which is why, to me, a program like this in the send to menu is simply a must have for.

Go to the ImgurUploader page to get the latest version (Windows, approx 340K).