Globonote: a great desktop note taking application [Reader Contributed Post]


Hello. First of all I am not connected in any way to GloboNote but since I’ve discovered it about 3 weeks, it has replaced all my other sticky/note organizers except for larger documents which I store in Evernote.

Globonote Screenshot

Here are some of its amazing features:

  • Rich Text formatting including links, photos, etc.
  • Search as you type!!!
  • Color themes
  • The built-in calculator and check-box
  • Alarm reminders!!!
  • Portable

So far, the only downside is occasional performance issues and the search sometimes stops working. In both cases, restarting the applications gets up to speed again. The closest competitor would be Pnotes but its search is just horrible and it’s not as straight-forward as GloboNote.

Would be great to see a review and get the word out:

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