SecureAPlus – protect your system with the power of multiple AV engines [Reader Contributed Post]


We have recently developed a new security solution intended for consumers called SecureAPlus ( It was only released outside of beta in the middle of last year and it is a full featured product that is absolutely free.

It combines 12 commercial Anti-Virus engines, BitDefender & AVG among them, and can scan your system from the cloud. One of the main features is our whitelisting component which is what really protects you from zero-day threats. It works well and it’s light enough that you do not feel any slowdown at all. Considering 12 AVs are scanning you, that’s pretty neat.

Our software comes with a 1-year freemium license. I hope you do not get the impression that this is a trial ware since users do get the option to extend it indefinitely through our viral security program ( without spending a single cent. What’s more is that we’ve made this process incredibly easy and rewarding for them as well.

Most of all, we do not consider this as trialware due to the fact that we do not push freemium users to upgrade to the paid version like most other freeware and trialware do, since both versions are identical in features, the difference only being that the paid version is meant for enterprise and individuals who would want to manage security on multiple machines from a central account.

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