TVRename – automatically downloads TV show information [Reader Contributed Post]


I came across this software a few years back and I have not found anything to compare it to.  It’s not perfect as I believe it’s only developed by one person however 99% of the time I haven’t had any issues.  I would suggest you could possibly do a review of this software.

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Some features I have found useful.

– Rename files using data from

– Check if you’re missing episodes in your collection

– Tell you how long until the next time a show airs

– Monitor your library of folders for new shows and seasons

– Copy or Move files from where you download them to, to fill in gaps in your main collection

– Un-name files, using names in a .torrent file

– Monitor episodes downloading from utorrent

– Start a search directly from tvrename to your favourite torrent site for the episode you want (may need to change the search string it uses as the default searches can be rather generic)