What is the Best FREE podcasting client for Android?


I’ve tried several, including the free versions of Podkicker, BeyondPod, Podcatcher, and Listen Up free. I know there’s a whole host of others.

I would like to publish a comparison post that compares the available options and decides on the ‘best’ one or two. But before I can do that, I need to determine the various criteria should a mobile podcasting client be judged by.

Here are a number that come to my mind, please feel free to add your own.

  1. The ability to search/find podcasts quickly from within the client itself.
  2. Support for downloading podcasts when in range of WIFI only
  3. Support for downloading podcasts when plugged in only
  4. Support for streaming a podcast on the fly if neccessary
  5. The ability to download/keep the last x episodes of a podcast, and automatically deleting older episodes
  6. The ability to determine where podcasts are being downloaded (e.g. to tell it to download to external SD card only)
  7. Widgets (for control)
  8. Remembering last position for all episode of all podcasts
  9. Controls (easily go backward/forward x seconds, 1 minute, etc).
  10. A nice user experience.

Please share your experience, which podcaster you like and why.

Thanks so much.