VarieDrop makes resizing and converting images as easy as dragging and dropping


VarieDrop is a FREE image resizing tool that lets you batch resize and convert images in batch via drag and drop.

It features a simple interface with four different areas, where dragging and dropping your files on each of the different areas results in different resizing or converting operations, such that you could give each are a different settings profile.

If you do a lot of resizing and converting of images in bulk, chances are that there are only a handful of different sizes or formats that you ever use. For example, I typically resize my screenshots to 1000 or 1200 pixels, and create thumbnails that are 310 pixels in width; and these account for 90% of instances that I have to do this.

VarieDrop makes it easy to set up different profiles and quickly use the one you need when you need it.

VarieDrop Screenshot

How it works: self explanatory, really.

  • Once launched, simply drag and drop on or more images to one of the four rectangular areas.
  • The fifth area can be used to apply the operations contained in any of the others in succession, but make sure you check the appropriate boxes first (for example, if one of the profiles resizes and the other converts to a certain image format, you could check the boxes for both to get both the resizing and conversion operations.
  • VarieDrop Settings2One thing that is cool is that you could choose to define a width only or height only profile, wherein the other dimension would be calculated automatically as per the image’s aspect ratio. To do this simply enter zero for the dimension that you do not want to explicitly specify that you want to be calculated.

You can also add VarieDrop to the ‘send to’ menu from the settings, where it would by default run the multiple checked profiles in the afore-mentioned bottom triangle.

The Verdict:

I like this because of the intelligent way the different profiles are set up and made accessible. I also love that easy, drag-and-drop-to-resize interface.

This tool will satisfy amateur and expert users alike (you will like it, but so will your mother, whom you can set up with the two profiles that she needs to resize images for email and Facebook, etc., and she will know exactly where to drag and drop).

Go to the program page to download (Windows, approx. 221K).