Vertor: a site for “verified” torrents


vertorlogoVertor is a torrent listings site with a simple premise: only display torrents that are checked to be free of viruses and malware and have been verified to contain the content that they claim. Offers media “previews” on the site such as 20-seconds snippets from audio files and thumbnails from videos.

The concept for this website is so simple I am surprised it hasn’t been done before: check torrents listings for malware, and check that torrents are not fakes. This is the kind of torrent site that you can confidently recommend to friends and family without worrying about them downloading harmful things, being exposed to scams that mis-represent the content being offered, and indeed without them being assaulted with popups and porn ads.

Some observations.

  • vertor screenshot - video thumbnail previewsPreviews: displays thumbnails from video torrents and 20-second sound snippets from audio files (that can serve the dual purpose of demonstrating that the torrent is real, on the one hand, and providing a preview of the music before you download on the other).
  • No 100% guarantee: Vertor checks for malware using some sort of virus scanning engine, and although they do not suggest 100% verified and virus free torrents, they are working on it and ask for user feedback. I’ve downloaded a number of things off the site (just to test, you see) and all were good.
  • New listings: seem to be somewhat delayed compared to other sites. I am assuming that this is because of the need to check them out and verify them? I know this because on Saturday mornings I am usually able to find and download the torrent for a show that airs the previous night at 8 EST. However, my torrent did NOT get listed on Vertor for a good 24 hours after it showed up elsewhere.

The verdict: I love it. Keeping my fingers crossed that these guys succeed (and stick around).

Visit Vertor.