Viber comes to Windows and Mac, allows free calls and texts from the desktop


Watch out Skype, for Viber just might eat your lunch. Viber’s simple innovation was to combine VOIP with your contact list on your mobile, letting you make calls and SMS’s for free over WIFI (or a data connection).

The obvious next step: a Skype style desktop client that can connect you with your mobile contacts — on the desktop.

Note that the desktop Viber will always be coupled to your mobile account, and will  identify you (and your contacts) via your Viber mobile app. It does this by requiring an activation code that you can only get through Viber on your phone.

One thing to be mindful of, however, is that Viber is still in it’s infancy. Calls we made were sometimes choppy, and video calls did not work.

Surely Viber phone/video conferencing cannot be far away.

Get Viber for Windows/Mac.