View photos from Facebook as magazine-style galleries with Pixable


Everyone likes photoblogs, right? But consider this: what if you took the photography from Facebook and other photo sharing sites and, with the click of a button, laid them out on a single page, magazine style, for quick, at-a-glance perusal? That, in a nutshell, is what free web service Pixable does – and does it very well.

Aside from your own Facebook account, Pixable can put together popular photo galleries from Flickr, Instagram, Twitter and other photos that are hash-tagged and made public by other Pixable users.

It also provides an iPhone app and a Chrome extension that makes photos available right on the Chrome toolbar.

I will admit this: unless they are really well done and innovative, I am usually not too keen on aggregators that will typically combine Facebook, Twitter, and whatever other social networks into a stream. But there’s something really attractive about Pixable; specifically, the focus on images and visuals, which makes it much more palatable and appealing.

Pixable Screenshot

Interaction: click on a Facebook image in Pixable and you will be taken to an individual page that shows the picture in large size, displays the related Facebook comments (and allows you to add one), but also allows you to add a Pixable Hashtag. The latter is basically a Twitter-style tagging system that allows your Facebook photo to be Tweeted or shared publicly with the Pixable community.

The Pixable Chrome extension delivers your Facebook photos conveniently in the Chrome toolbar (see screenshot to the bottom right). It also offers Pixable offers a free iPhone app (see bottom right).

Pixable Screenshot3Pixable iPhone screenshot

The verdict: Pixable is strangely appealing. Delivering photo galleries quickly and on demand is a lot more interesting than I would have thought.

Also, it turns out, and I just realized, that people post some really excellent pictures on Facebook; however, I am not sure how I feel about the ease with which these photos can be shared publicly with the Pixable community. This, however, is a function of our connected, digitally shared world, where once you post something on Facebook, it becomes public almost by definition.

[Thanks go to reader Panzer for tipping us off about this service].

Check out Pixable. Also get the Pixable Chrome Extension, and the free Pixable iPhone app. An Android app seems to be in the works, as there are ample mentions of it on the net.