‘Visual History for Chrome’ makes your browser history fun, useful


We’ve mentioned a number of ‘history’ extensions for Chrome previously, but this one is my favorite. ‘Visual History for Chrome’ displays your URL history visually, as nodes of various sizes that are related to each other according to order that you have visited websites.

This is the kind of software that doesn’t need to be described too much; all you need to do is look at the screenshot, and you will get it at a single glance.

The nodes are larger for sites that are visited more frequently. You can also filter by anything from the last hour to the last three months, which can be handy when you are searching for a particular site that you’ve visited. You can even export the graph in interactive graphic formats (GEXF, Pajek).

Visual History for Chrome

The last word: a great concept, nicely implemented.

Get Visual History for Chrome here.