Vixy is a website that provides 3 services; it can download YouTube and other embedded FLV videos straight into a number of different video formats, including Ipod MP4, and it can Generate video RSS feeds or video Podcasts using either a YouTube URL or keyword search.

I’ve been looking for a good solution for how to download YouTube videos into Ipod MP4 video for some time, and this is certainly it.

I’ve found some software that does this, but the quality of the MP4 video was rather poor.I am happy to report that Vixy’s video conversions are simply excellent.

Note that Vixy allows download into a number of formats. In addition to Ipod MP4, it supports DivX encoded AVI, 3GP for Mobile, and Mac MOV format.

Or if you are interested in only downloading the audio track into MP3 it can do that as well. I somehow expect that the list of supported formats will continue to grow.

Vixy is also an excellent resource for creating video RSS feeds. I used it to create a feed by keyword search and it did a great job. The RSS feed will update automatically whenever new videos are posted that are related to your search term.

This service is really cool, really fast, and, if you have an Ipod and are interested in YouTube videos, it is simply a gift.

Go to the Vixy home page.