Voyage RSS feed reader visualizes RSS feeds in 3D space


You’re probably familiar the many different ways RSS feed readers might look like, from email-style lists to magazine like thumbnail grids to widgets on the desktop, etc.

And since we at Freewaregenius like to keep an eye out for software originality, we couldn’t help but get excited about Voyage RSS feed, a free, online RSS reader that displays articles from RSS feeds as floating text-objects flying in mouse-controlled 3D space, organized by timeline.

The good:

  • The interface: the visual, flying-in-space display, the mouse-controlled zooming in and out, is just a nice, novel (and very stylish) experience.

Voyage RSS feed reader screenshot

The not-so-good:

  • Cannot import your OPML feeds (or export)
  • Organizes by timeline, but doesn’t provide for any other organization or filtering options.
  • No sharing/starring options.
  • No thumbnail support of any kind.

Voyage RSS feed reader screenshot2

The verdict: I couldn’t help but like this one, although I would have to say it is not a very practical tool for serious RSS feed reading, and feels more like a proof of concept that a useable RSS reader. Now that the concept is proven, I hope the guy(s) behind this one try to push it further, and try to make it into an RSS reader worth coming back to.

If you are interested in other interesting ways to read RSS feeds, check out this article.

Check out Voyage RSS Reader.