When videogames come to life (fun videos)


Imagine that you’re pressing the buttons on your keyboard or on your touchscreen, or moving the little joystick on your game controller — but instead of controlling pixels and sprites on a screen, you’re controlling actual physical objects and actual human players in the physical world.

No, I am not talking about what corporate CEO’s do every day, but rather the transfer of popular video games out of the virtual world of pixels and into the physical world.

We present three videos that bring Angry Birds, Tetris, and (ironically) FIFA soccer out of the digital realm and into the real world. Note that these are mainly promotional videos organized as events by companies, and nothing more serious than that; but they are fun all the same.

Angry Birds




FIFA Soccer / PRO Evo

A video simulating a game that is itself a simulation of a real sport. Go figure.

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