Will ‘The Minuum Keyboard’ live up to the hype?


It’s a simple concept: take the three rows of letters that constitute the QWERTY keyboard and consolidate them into one, then touch-type as you normally would.The software will then guess your intent, so you don’t actually have to hit the right letters.

It apparently works, and it saves a lot of on-screen real estate. But it also opens up exciting, new possibilities:  you could type by simply ‘pointing’ at the single row of letters; no need to actually ‘type’ at all.

If you haven’t seen it, you should watch the Minuum video below, which is very exciting. But there’s more — below are some interesting facts which you should consider.

  • It’s being developed on Android, because iOS will not let you replace the default keyboard. As a workaround, they are going to allow developers to integrate Minuum within their apps. Does anyone need more evidence that iOS is in deep trouble?
  • The Minuum crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo has $10,000 as it’s target (which it has already exceeded). Only 10K!!? To think most average, run of the mill mobile game usually come in with request of $100K. (Admittedly, they do have other funding targets for the ‘wearable’ typing component).
  • It’s going to cost $5. I wonder if it might make a list of ‘the cheapest technology that changed the world’?

The question is whether this really is as good as it looks on video. I’m sold, and ready to part with my money, so I really hope so!

Go here for more info (Thanks Carbonize for the tip).