WinSpike is a small program that runs in the system tray and provides a set of useful functions that can be performed on any open window; these including making a window transparent or opaque, bringing any window permanently to the front (topmost), hiding or uhhiding a window, closing or terminating a window, and a number of others.

Click on the Winspike system tray icon and a menu with a number of options appears.

You can then drag and drop your selected command onto any visible window. A list of these is as follows:

  • TopMost/Non-Topmost: Topmost will move your selected window to the front; even if you click on other windows, this window will be on top. Non-Topmost will switch off this functionality
  • Close Window: will close any window
  • Terminate Window: will terminate any program window. This is my favorite, eliminating the need to go to the task manager to end a task.
  • Make Translucent/Make Opaque: This is very interesting, giving you the ability to make any window semi-transparent (including any application window and not just folder windows). Make Opaque turns a translucent window back to normal.
  • Hide Window/Unhide Window: hides and unhides a window so that it does not show on the taskbar but can be (discretely) accessed from the WinSpike system tray menu itself.
  • Enable Window/Disable Window: this will render any window of any app completely unresponsive; not sure what this is useful for, but interesting nonetheless.
  • Autoshutdown: a timed shutdown (e.g. shut down in 300 seconds).
  • Maximize/Minimize: self explanatory
  • Windows Properties: will bring up a lot of info on any window, including class/handle/control id/position xy, and a dozen or so other pieces of info.
  • Capture Bitmap: captures a screenshot of any open window.

I initially was not going to post this program, but decided to post it after finding that I was using it on a regular basis. Simply put you will either be interested in the functionality that this software provides or you will not. If you are in the former category you will think that the design and implementation of this little app is pretty cool.

Version tested: 1.6

Compatibility: WinAll.

Go to the program page to download the latest version.