WinSplit Revolution


WinSplit Revolution Screenshot

WinSplit Revolution is a utility that can quickly move, resize, or arrange your open windows across your screen. It resides in memory and is invoked using on-screen controls (see screenshot) or hotkey combinations. Also works with multiple monitors.

Not to be mistaken with a file-splitting program that has a similar name, this program can do 4 different types of actions: quickly reposition/resize a window, fusion of 2 windows (a side by side split-screen), automatic mosaic-like tiling of all open windows, as well as provide a hotkey for the instant closing of all windows. Here are some notes on this program.

  • 4 quadrantsReposition/resize a single window: you can either use the on-screen pad or hotkey combinations to do this. If you imagine your screen divided into 4 quadrants (as pictured), you can easily send your active window so that it occupies any one of these quadrants, the top half of the screen (1+2), the bottom half (3+4), the left half of the screen (1+3), or the right half (2+4). Or you can do fullscreen.
  • Note that these actions are performed on many (but not all) Windows which do not enable resizing. For example, I was able to set to full screen the window for a flash game which did not inherently have resizing or maximizing enabled (although, of course, this did not change/increase the visual area of the game across the screen but simply created a window with a lot of empty space).
  • Windows fusion: this simply aligns 2 windows so that they are laid side by side to occupy the left and right halves of the screen and meet right in the middle. A slider enables you to move the point at which they meet to the left or right.
  • Mosaic: will split the screen into 9 equal parts and place an open window in each part. If you have less than 9 open windows it will make some windows larger, while if you have more it will tile the first nine and ignore the rest.
  • Close all windows: will close all open windows (surprise!). Can be very handy indeed. Hotkey set to Ctrl-Alt-C by default but can be changed at will.
  • Hotkeys: each window manipulation described above is invoked by a hotkey combination. By default these make use of the number pad keys but, if you don’t have a numpad rest assured that all of the are customizable at will.

I like this program because it is (a) original, (b) potentially very useful, and (c) very nicely implemented. If you have multiple monitors you will surely find it a godsend especially in those cases when a window is dispersed across multiple screens (inwhich case you can quickly send it to exactly where you want it).

Version tested: 1.6

Compatibility: Windows 2000, 2003, XP; no info on VISTA.

Go to the program page to get the latest version (approx 1.09 megs).