WinWorkBar is a free desktop-based personal information manager that combines a calendar and to-do tasks list with notes and popup-reminders.

If you’re looking for this sort of program you will find that WinWorkBar offers just the right mix of features to make it really useful without being too complex or overladen with features; everything this program has to offer is intuitive with virtually no learning curve. Here’s what you need to know about it:

  • Very small footprint, low on resources.
  • Combines tasks with a calendar and notes/reminders. Features a “today” view by default that will consolidate all your daily tasks/notes info.
  • Docks into the right hand side of your Desktop and hovers into view whenever you mouse-over the edge of your screen (or optionally mouse-over and click). It is also accessible through the tray icon.
  • Will display pop-up reminders for scheduled events intermittently near the tray-icon area; will also play a user-configurable sound.
  • Offers multiple views; by category, by priority, by date, etc.
  • Built in “search” functions for honing in on the information you need.
  • User-definable keyboard shortcuts.

What this program does not offer:

  • Will not allow undated to-do’s (which may be a good thing, depending on your perspective). Will let you set a from-to date range for a task, though.
  • No contacts and email integration: if you want these use something more sophisticated
  • Will not sync with Outlook or similar program.
  • No iCalendar compatibility; can import export data in XML format only.
  • I recently had to do a clean install of Windows and was surprised to find that somehow you can export you tasks but not notes and categories; I had to copy and paste these to preserve them.

If you (a) want a PIM that is simple yet powerful, (b) would like your to-do list, your notes, and your calendar all in one place, (c) prefer to have your notes within an application, rather than all over your screen (as in Stickies, for example)… then you will like WinWorkBar. I have been using Rainlendar for a while, and while I liked the way it looked I found it to be less practical than I thought it would be. I am now using this just to test it out (If you tried both let me know what you think).

Version tested: 1.3

Compatibility: WinAll

Go to the developer’s home page to download the latest version (scroll down or click on the WinWorkbar tab).