Within a Deep Forest


Within a Deep Forest is a very good arcade adventure platform game. It is a ball-bouncing physics game set in a world inhabited by cute characters and full of puzzles as well as the clues that enable you to solve them.

The Storyline: you are a cute ball that was created out of a failed attempt by the evil Dr. Cliche to blow up the world with an “ice bomb”. Or something. Unlike your creator, you have a keen sense of ethics and a love of mankind, which is why you set out to save the universe from his second more successful attempt.

The game: most of the game is spent navigating the world of “Within a Deep Forest” while trying to figure out how to progress further towards your goal. The key to this is (a) listening to the various clues that some helpful characters will give you, and (b) attaining special powers that will be needed within certain situations. These special powers are simply new materials that you can spawn yourself into; e.g. by morphing into a metal ball you can break barriers and resist wind currents, but your speed and movement will be restricted. When morphing into a tennis ball, you can bounce extremely high, but your movement will be imprecise and somewhat random. And so on.

The verdict: This game is very easy to learn quickly by going through the brief tutorial..Having said that, I should also say that it is somewhat difficult, depending on how much of a gamer you are. The graphics/visuals are nothing to write home about, but they are quite good nonetheless, while the sound and music effects are simply excellent. This is a highly playable game which will reward you if you let yourself get into it.

Version tested: 1.1.1

Compatibility: WinAll.

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