WizMouse: enables page scrolling with the mousewheel without having to click windows into focus


WizMouse is a free utility that enhances the middle-mouse scroll-wheel in a couple of interesting ways.

It allows page scrolling via the scroll wheel when hovering over a window, even if it is out of focus, and without having to click into the window first to bring it into focus.

This can be very useful when looking at information in multiple windows, in that you can scroll down without having to interrupt whatever application you’re working in, and without having to have the main window you are working with covered by another that you want to scroll down.It sounds like such a little thing but the effect is quite nice in practice.

WizMouse can also enable mouse-wheel scrolling in applications that do not support it, or those where mouse-wheel support is glitchy and/or unreliable (if you’ve ever had to resort to the arrow keys to scroll down because the program would not respond to the mouse wheel, that would be an example).

More notes on this:

  • How it works: stays in the background, and is accessed via an icon in the system tray. Otherwise it just works.
  • Memory usage: at just over one meg in memory, this is a truly lightweight program.

The verdict: I did not think much of this software at first, except once I got used to it I really liked the effect of being able to scroll down with the mouse wheel without clicking into a window first. Especially useful if you are looking at multiple pages and would like to be able to browse displayed information smoothly and without interruption.

But the secondary function (enabling mouse wheel scrolling in applications without mouse wheel support) is, in my view, equally important. This benefit is somewhat invisible unless, of course, you happen to be using applications that offer glitchy scroll wheel support (or no support at all), and then — lo!, you notice that mouse scrolling is all of a sudden miraculously working.

Finally, kudos to the developers for making this useful program so tiny!

Version Tested:

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7.

Go to the program home page to download

the latest version (approx 587K).