Wunderlist 2 is on the way as Wunderkit is nixed


If you follow this blog you know that we are very fond of Wunderlist, the stylish, GTD-influenced task management app which saves your data in the cloud and can be used on mobile devices and for sharing tasks with your team. Not only did we award it (the coveted) Freewaregenius pick award, but we also featured it in our ‘best of 2011’ article.

Wunderlist was followed by Wunderkit, an ambitious ‘productivity platform’ that combines project and task management with powerful tagging and note-taking features as well as social sharing functions.

With Wunderkit, you could consolidate your tasks, notes, and everything else in one place, and share the lists publicly if you wanted. But while Wunderlist thrived and grew, Wunderkit floundered, and is now being scrapped altogether. In this post we will provide a wish list for what we hope Wunderlist 2 will offer.

Wunderlist illustration

We use Wunderlist extensively, but have been looking for a platform to replace it for a long time. Two options which we seriously considered to replace it have included: Springpad, and Asana, both of which are great, but what kept us with Wunderlist was the absence of a local Windows client in both instances.

What we like about Wunderlist is the following: the ability to share lists with other users, the fact that it offers a local Windows client, and not just a webapp, accessibility on mobile devices, and the nice interface and user experience it provides.

Turns out, that is not enough. Here’s what we would like to see in Wunderlist 2.

Our Wunderlist 2 wish list (in order of importance)

  1. Filtering: a global advanced filtering option as well as in-list filtering, both. Especially the ability to filter tasks by the freshest or oldest items.
  2. Email alerts: that go to the users who share a list, indicating changes (additions, deletions, removals, and completions of tasks).
  3. Batch operations: I would like to be able to check a whole bunch of tasks in a list or across lists, and move them somewhere all at once or delete them, etc, without having to deal with each item individually.
  4. Scheduled actions: such as remove an entry automatically or move it to a specified list after it becomes x days old and the option to alert me that it has been removed into the trash can.
  5. Tags: the ability to tag entries is very important. This was implemented in Wunderkit and we really want to have it in Wunderlist. The ability to share ‘tag lists’ would be great too.
  6. Different views: specifically, a column view that allows for sorting by clicking a column header, and that would include who created the task, who is sharing it, when it was created, etc.
  7. Better search: search in Wunderlist is painfully slow, especially when we have hundreds of items in our list. It should (a) be made a LOT faster, and (b) the results should contain more information, (e.g. the list that the entry resides in and the relevant tags) and enable you to browse to the list or the tag list on the spot.
  8. A browser extension: similar to Springpad, to be able to create an entry from the browser, where the URL of the page is inserted automatically. Would be nice to be able to add it to an already existing task as well.
  9. Alarms: to simply be notified 48 hours and then 2 hours in advance (as an example), that I have a dentist appointment, by virtue of a chime and a notification on my Android, iOS device or the desktop client.
  10. A Windows explorer extension: that would allow you to right click a file or files and add them as an item in Wunderlist. Similar to the proposed browser extension but for the desktop.
  11. The ability to create different types of items: not just tasks. Such as notes, entries from file attachments, URL entries, etc. Or users could just adapt tasks to their purposes, as we do currently.

These would make an excellent program a whole lot better. (I am assuming, of course, that Wunderlist 2 will also support a local Windows client, which I consider a must).

Want more information on the Future of Wunderlist? See their official blog post on the subkect.

If you don’t have it already get Wunderlist here.