xNeat Clipboard Manager: a lightweight clipboard manager with a number of useful functions


XNeat Clipboard Manager is a free clipboard manager program that allows you to maintain a history clipped text, files, and folders and to use these to perform a number of useful functions, including pasting historical items, searching for clipped text in Google, translating clipped text, making clipped items “permanent” (sticky) for later use, and a number of other functions.

This program will allow you to copy multiple items at once, and then paste whichever item you had previously copied at will later on.

I often have an internal debate as to whether or not I will post a certain program. What I do in these cases (and xNeat Clipboard Manager was such a case) is install on my computer for a few days in order to gauge its usefulness and/or its user experience.

I now decided I like this one enough to keep, and will go through the pros and cons of this software below.

But before I do let me describe how it works; anything you copy will be added to the xNeat Clipboard Manager history. Next, instead of pasting the clipboard contents as normal (CTRL+V) pressing (CTRL+Shift+V) will display the small program dialog that lists all items retained in history. At that point you could either click on the item you want to past it or otherwise perform a number of functions on any of the displayed items, such as searching for any entry in Google, launching a Google translation (for some two dozen languages), or making an entry “sticky”. If the clipped text is a URL you have the option to open that URL in the browser.


  • xNeat Clipboard Manager - make stickyMake sticky: anything you clip can be “made sticky” in the sense that it will always be there, similar to the basic functionality provided by a program such as PhraseExpress.
  • Items captured: maintains a history of clipped text and copied files/folders. The latter enables you to use this program as a kind of file basket; all you have to do is copy a file, folder, or executable and then make it sticky. Next you can invoke the program dialog and use it to access the file/folder by right clicking “open” (remember though that the default action is “paste”).
  • Search Google: clip some text and open the program dialog, then right click on “search Google”. Works from all apps/locations.
  • Translate: a very handy way to translate text; simply clip it and launch a Google translation (from a choice of 24 languages) from the xNeat Clipboard Manager dialog (see first screenshot above). On the flip side, the text has to be re-pasted into the form once the Google translate page opens, and you will have to determine what the language the original text is in yourself.User can determine # of items to hold: a very useful option to have; 10 items default on install but you can change this according to what you feel works best for you.
  • Launch URL: if the clipped text looks like a URL you can open it in the browser using the “browse” right click entry. URLs seem to require that they begin with “http://” though; the program does not recognize text beginning with “www.” as a URL.
  • Memory use: less that 1 meg (approx 500K) in memory. Pretty darn amazing.


  • Translation: will open the Google tranlsate page
  • Does not handle images copied into the clipboard. Somewhat puzzling this, as most other free programs that perform a similar function do.
  • Program will call home when installed, and will refuse to install when offline. The author states that this is to ensure that the latest version is being used, keep track of number of installations (using hardware signature), and that no personal info is sent. He states that this is verifiable using any packet sniffer, since all info is sent using the http protocol.
  • Bugs: the program seems not to offer the standard functions if the clipped entry is “xNeat Clipboard Manager”. No biggie, but somewhat strange.

Wish list

  • Support for image clips
  • Translation: automatically paste the text to be translated into the form in the Google translate page.
  • The ability to customize the default action for files/folders that are in the sticky area (I would like “open” instead of “paste”).

The verdict: I really like this program. It is somewhat similar to other freeware clipboard manager, of which I will mention ClipDiary, CLCL, YC3, and Clipboard CC. However, what I like about xNeat Clipboard Manager is the innovative collection of functions that can be performed such as Google search and translate, as well a the pop-up interface which is really practical. I also like the remarkable low memory usage. A good job overall!

Version Tested:

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista (32 bit).

Go to the program home page to download the latest version (approx 560K).