Zip2Fix: extract undamaged files from a corrupt ZIP archive


I’ve been waiting to test a couple of freeware ZIP archive recovery apps for some time.

And then, it finally happened (oh joy); I downloaded a zip file from the internet, which for whatever reason turned out to be corrupt. The testing can now begin!

Zip2Fix is a small program that can salvage files from damaged zip archives. It will not ‘fix’ a corrupt zip file, but rather extract any undamaged files that might be within it.

It is being featured here, as you may have surmised, on account of having performed well in a real life situation as compared to other free tools that offer the same function.

The ‘test’: a 1.83 meg archive containing 7 jpg wallpaper images that I downloaded from the internet. It seemed to download just fine, but would not extract at all. Next, I used 3 free tools to try to fix it; Zip2Fix, ZipRepair, and the ‘repair archive’ function in HaoZip.

The result: Zip2Fix produced 6 out of 7 image files, while ZipRepair managed to produce only 4. The Haozip recovery tool failed completely.

The verdict: my sample of one is not enough to make definitive judgments over which of the tools above is best or better; the result may be due to chance or the type of zip file or whatever. However, I do think Zip2Fix is a great tool that you should download and keep in case of emergency. Also note that Zip2Fix is portable, no install necessary.

In fact, the result, and the fact that I got a full 6 out of 7 images, came as a huge surprise. Kudos to the developer for such an effective tool.

Version Tested: 1.0

Compatibility: WinAll.

Go to the program home page to download the latest version (approx 513K).