Zoofs: watch the most Twittered videos on the net


Zoofs is a brand new web service that tracks all the latest videos mentioned in Tweets across the internet and puts them in one place, accessible via a very cool interface.

This web service, in other words, provides a way to track the meta-conversation that is taking place over Twitter visually, through the videos that are part of the conversation.

Browsing Zoofs videos is different from, say, browsing videos in YouTube in that you do not get the (self-perpetuating) most popular videos, no’r the latest videos, but rather the videos that happen to be most talked about right now. If you’re mining for viral videos as they are about to take off this might well be the place to be looking.

Zoofts screenshot

Zoofts will let you choose videos by category, as well as hone in on videos uploaded within the last 72 hours if you want to. It supports an intuitive interface that presents videos in a grid, allowing you to mouse-over each video to receive information on it via tooltips. It is sparse on text and does not display actual Tweets (preferring to use Tweets as data points instead).

Check out Zoofs here.