Zools: new cloud storage service offers 100 gig FREE for the first million sign-ups


Proof that free free cloud backup large enough for all of your files will soon become a reality, new Dropbox-like cloud storage service ‘Zools’ is offering the first 1 million users 100 gigs of cloud storage space, absolutely free.

The service is not yet operational, but you can reserve your place in line by following this link. See the ‘Zools’ introductory video below, which promises something called ‘cold storage’ and file hosting on the very secure Amazon AWS.

I signed up yesterday and was about 75K in line (see screenshot below), so there’s still lots of spots available.

Screenshot - 3_31_2013 , 4_01_02 PM

If you are worried that this is merely an email cultivation scheme, then I suggest you use a new email address created specifically for the purpose. (Obviously I wouldn’t have written this up if I thought this was the case).

Here are a bunch of links:

[Thanks go to Gordon S. for the tip]