Zoomquilt II: a collaborative flash animation and downloadable screensaver


Zoomquilt II” is a collaborative flash animation created in 2007. It consists of image contributions from 20 artists connected in a continuous zooming motion. A free screensaver is also available for download.

I am always on the lookout for interesting animations to feature on this blog (click this link for a list). I was just sent this by reader and sometimes contributor Elioz Heffer who described it as follows (with some edits on my part):

“Zoomquilt II is just like a quilt blanket was made from about 20 artists contributions. The beauty of it is that the drawings are put into a never ending zoom motion (inwards or outwards) [as] you enter the microscopic world …

When opening the picture, it will take few moments to upload and then will present the pictures (interrelated) in a zoom motion. You can choose the direction (Zoom in or Zoom out) and the speed … If you look [closely] enough you’ll notice that it finally returns to the same starting point like a perpetuum mobile, but you are tricked to believe it is a fluid part of the Hellish world presented there.

The pictures remind [me of] some ideas of Hieronymus Bosch the famous painter, and there is also a [downloadable] screen saver”.

The only thing I will add is that the screensaver is awesome and highly recommended. Check it out for yourself!

Go to the Zoomquilt II page, where you can download the screensaver (approx 5.66 megs).