Lazarus form recovery: never lose any text or comment typed into an online form again


Ever spent a long time typing in a review or a comment or filling out a long form on a website, only to lose your text unexpectedly when you encounter an error or accidentally move off the page?. If so, this software can help.

Lazarus is a free browser extension (for Firefox, Chrome, Safari) that runs in the background and saves text entered into online forms as you type, enabling you to quickly retrieve in case of an error or for any other reason that you need to.

The screenshot below illustrates how Lazarus works in Chrome: once installed, the Lazarus icon appears in every form field that you will encounter on websites, and hovering over it displays a dropdown of saved entries that you can access in a pinch.

Lazarus Screenshot2

Note: the above screenshot was taken using Chrome; other browsers look slightly different.

More notes:

  • Lazarus can be password protected
  • You can have Lazarus remember typed passwords (note that this is disabled by default)
  • You can set up a list of sites that Lazarus would skip, if you like

The verdict: extremely useful. I am adding this to my list of “must have” browser extensions.

[Thanks to reader Panzer for letting me know about this software]

Version tested: 3.3.1

Compatibility: Chrome, Safari, and Firefox

Go to the program home page to download (approx. 270K); or for Chrome you can go to the Lazarus page on the Chrome web store.